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A Damned Panto, Punch's first adult pantomime, was performed in collaboration with Soho in Paisley in December 2008.

The Blurb
A Damned Panto was originally performed by The Buddie Magic Theatre Company in Paisley in 2000. The script, which was written by the company, has now been adapted and modernised by Punch Productions.
The play is set in the storeroom of a theatre famous for its pantomimes. The characters have all played their roles over the Christmas season and now, after the panto's over, find themselves abandoned and unsure of who they are. As they begin to explore their true personalities we discover that all may not be as it seems and revelations begin to unfold with hilarious consequences!

The Cast
IEKaren Herbison (Snow White)
Well known in the Glasgow Theatre circuit as a "tart for hire", Karen is famous for 2 things (and it's not her voice or her acting ability!). Having been seen forcing their way out of a corset when she appeared as Nancy (Oliver!) in the Theatre Royal, falling out of underwear as both Lady Jacqueline (Me & My Girl) and Miss Hannigan (Annie) at the King's Theatre and more recently struggling to compete with their big screen counterparts in the Dolly Parton role of head tart Miss Mona in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at The New Athenaeum. With over 30 years experience as a performer, director and choreographer, Karen has toured extensively with new and established works. In between playing various tarts (and she won't be disappointing you all tonight either!) Karen has recently written a new play called Say You Love Me, which will be touring in the early part of 2009.

IE Jon Cuthbertson (Prince Charming)
Jon has over 20 years of experience (I know, he looks too young!) performing in pantomimes, musicals, comedies and dramas in various theatres around Glasgow including The King's, Theatre Royal, The Tramway, The Crawfurd and many more. (Gets about a bit doesn't he!!). Jon writes regularly for a national theatre website, reviewing theatre in the West of Scotland (wonder what his colleagues would say of his performance tonight!!) and also interviewed the stars on the red carpet at the Scottish BAFTAs for the website (Luckily not in the outfit he is wearing tonight!). He'd like to take this opportunity to thank Diet Chef, Capezio and Smirnoff for getting him onstage tonight, and apologise to everyone in the front few rows for the view! (and also apologise to his mother for his appearing in this production at all!)

IECheri Smith (Twanky)
Having trained at the prestigious Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, Cheri has been involved with the teaching of drama, in both the UK and USA to kids of all ages, a skill which she has found very helpful in working with the bunch of degenerates who make up the rest of the cast! As part of her BA(Hons) Degree in European Theatre Arts, Cheri has studied in Estonia and presented work in a variety of theatres, but has enjoyed the challenge of presenting a piece in a bar (which is a polite way of saying she's found it challenging keeping the rest of the cast away from the wine!!). As part of her travelling, Cheri has taken a keen interest in the fashions abroad, and hopes you enjoy the couture collection she has put together for you this evening.

IELinn Vanderzanden (Sleeping Beauty)
Linn likes to proclaim she is the shy one of the cast (but we all know better!) and claims she has been led astray by all the veterans in this production (veterans? What are you saying you cheeky young whippersnapper!). Having played various roles from Frankenstein's monster to glamorous Copacabana Showgirl, Linn regularly appears in theatre in Glasgow, and tried pulling the "shy" card previously when appearing in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas as Shy where she credits Karen and Sharon with teaching her everything about "the business" (although it doesn't appear to have been showbusiness!)

IE Richard Magowan (Squire)
Originally from Northern Ireland (that's the bit that doesn't have the sexy accent!) Richard is a former member of the Ulidean Youth Theatre Company (obviously this is not recently!). Since moving to Scotland in 2003, Richard has become a regular on the stages of Glasgow (and even more of a regular in the pubs of the City) performing roles including King of Siam in The King and I (from which his hair has never recovered) and Jud Fry in Oklahoma. Richard recently appeared in a production of The Full Monty, but promises to keep his clothes on tonight (well, at least until the party!)

IE Patricia Welch (Cinders)
Patricia has been performing since the age of 5 (which she tells us is not that long ago) when she played a piano duet with her sister dressed in a little lurex number and sparkly tights (she still occasionally wears a similar outfit to house parties). Patricia has (much like Karen) played all the leading "tart" roles including Miss Hannigan in Annie, and Nancy in Oliver! She has also played Anna in The King and I, Meredith Parker in Batboy and Dorothy Brock in 42nd Street and more recently Lorraine in Boogie Nights (where, much like tonight, she was snogging young men half her age!)

IE Sharon Cartwright (Doctor)
Sharon started off her performing career as a dancer, soon moving into musical theatre playing the lead role of Calamity Jane in a school production. She went on to become a member of PACE Youth Theatre where she was apparently the first girl Fame Academy's David Sneddon groped when they were both about 13 (although Sharon has yet to confirm if he was the first boy she'd let grope her). Many years (and gropes) later, Sharon has played a number of roles including Angel (the tart - do we see a theme in this cast?) in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Minnie Fay in Hello Dolly!

IE Lindsay Johnston (Narrator)
Lindsay thought she had managed to retire and hang up the character shoes. A drunken call to join the band of reprobates who are Punch Productions put paid to that. Having been part of theatreland, on and off the stage, for much longer than she cares to mention (like Jon, too young),she has enjoyed playing many roles (like Karen usually tarts!) Lindsay would like to thank Punch for including her as part of this er...production, but has now changed her phone number and email.

IE Gerry Devlin (Musical Director)
As Musical Director for the original production of A Damned Panto, Gerry has returned again in this ever important role (although after saying he would never be involved in such a debauched show ever again, we're surprised he agreed!). Gerry is well known on the Glasgow Theatre Circuit for his love of wine (and for the odd bit of piano playing too). His skill as a Musical Director has been put to great use in shows like Calamity Jane, Wizard Of Oz and The King And I (with a sneaky appearance onstage as Oliver Warbucks in a production of Annie). Gerry's double life (as an honest citizen of good standing) led to him asking if he could perform tonight with a paper bag over his head. However, as the handsome one in the cast, we couldn't deprive the audience of this pleasure and have instead stuck him in a booth way at the back of the audience.

We must give sincere thanks to our heid crew man, Ian Herbison, who showed amazing talent and patience when attending rehearsals and to Black's Sewing Box for throwing things together at the last minute. Jennifer Chislett must be thanked for the recorded music and congratulated on her new job as a supermarket announcer. Twanky thanks Karrie for helping make her beautiful throughout the performance though apologies must be given to RATS at St Ninians if the dame costumes loaned now have some suspicious stains. Thanks to Johnstone Phoenix Theatre Group for loaning us a coffin even though we couldn't promise not to use it if an audience member had a heart attack and special thanks to Robert and the Soho crew who have resisted the urge to call the men in white coats throughout the rehearsal period. The technical advice and lighting equipment kindly supplied by Jean & Gilly Bett was much appreciated and twelve thank yous are sent to Lipservice Kissograms ( for the use of their whips! If we've missed anyone off our list of thanks...that's tough - better luck next time!

With much love, the Punchettes.