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This page highlights reviews written about shows produced by Punch

Punch Pandemonium Goes To...The Theatre
by Cameron Lowe,

Punch Productions present the latest in their series of adult sketch shows as part of Glasgow's established Magners International Comedy Festival.

The venue for this two night event is Jaks Nightclub on Sauchiehall Street. Not a bad space at all for this popular festival with the only real compromise being the ambient temperature. One punter claimed he had to push aside a polar bear to get a good seat in this sell out gig!

The Punch writing team have really hit their stride as they cover a topic close to their hearts. Previous Pandemonium outings include "The Pub" and "The Hospital" but their enthusiasm for this latest destination really shone through.

The variety of characters across the dozen or so sketches was impressive. Old lady members of the audience who hum the tunes and rustle loud plastic bags, overconfident performers, angry choreographers, biscuit munching committee members and competitive members of the chorus were just some of the highlights. Roy McGregor as "Chav" and Patricia Welch as "Professional Director" delivered particularly strong performances in the workshop sketch but the cast's universal commitment to delivering strong, believable and easily identifiable characters was key to the success of the sketch format.

The company demonstrated a broad range of talents by incorporating music and choreography. Lyric rewrites of well known musical numbers were occasionally juvenile but the original opening number from David Sturgeon "Short, Fat And Baldy Leading Man" was a big hit with the audience.

The writing of the amdram committee sketches was inspired. The Production Committee, Tea Committee and Biscuit Committee sketches were a stand out, particularly as the script played outrageously with the amdramer's tendency to name their societies with contrived acronyms.

All in all, this was a very entertaining evening and well worth the £10 ticket price. A few seats are still available for Saturday 23rd March. Buy a ticket and start a great night out in Glasgow at 7pm...just remember to wear your thermals!
Say You Love Me
by Alastair Macdougall, The Scotsman

"Say you love me, say it! Say you love me!" It's not always easy to get those 3 little words out. Especially so in Jane's case.

Punch Productions invite you to sit down, relax and enjoy the pleasant ambience of Cafe Camino. At the next table however Jane and Lee are having an animated conversation that has a tendency to flare up. We join them at their "swan song" meeting where they discuss their tumultuous relationship which includes a dying wife, a Spanish lover and love notes in the sand. We see and hear them reading out letters written to each other as they dwell on their battle to sustain their love affair.

A roller-coaster ride of emotions enable this heart-warming little play to build to its devastating climax. Karen Herbison's beautifully written script serves as a perfect platform for the three talented performers to showcase their talents. With high humour versus high drama, the cast really have their work cut out. Truth is they are well up to the task and deliver with aplomb.

With many laughs along the way, suitably interrupted with 'lump in your throat' moments, this is an afternoon well spent. Runs until Sun 12th. Free.